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The Women of Los Cabos

Actualizado: 12 de mar de 2019



Introduction by Adrián Peña

Women and men from all over the globe and Mexico have arrived at Los Cabos and chose to stay and contribute to its greatness. As a son, brother, friend and business partner of extraordinary women I acknowledge that they still struggle for genre equality. Even though we are in the 21st Century, it is hearth broken how technology goes faster than conscience.

Thousands of women throughout history and particularly in Los Cabos have built the way for other women and have helped them remove social gaps and make alliances surrounded by justice and same opportunities for both women and men. They are exactly who I want to talk about. Those women who continued the battle in the recent years and who have made Los Cabos a better place to live and develop ourselves.

The Women of Los Cabos

With high admiration, we dedicate our first special article to The Women of Los Cabos. A list of eleven remarkable women in business, healthcare, media, arts, tourism and social work. Over the following days we will be sharing a series of written collaborations called Women talking on Women, where business partners, peers, employees and friends dedicate some words for them.

Thank you very much to these women who inspire men and women.


Daughter of prestigious Dr Alberto Acosta, who was one the first doctors in Los Cabos. Samantha inherited from his father the gift of helping others through medicine, but she has made her own contribution to animal care. With a high ability for diagnosis over different animal species, she has had the opportunity to participate in amazing medical challenges that have given her wonderful experiences. She is now one of the most respectable vets in Los Cabos and has an impressive and successful record.


Onagh had a successful professional career in Silicon Valley. She and her beloved husband Bill fell in love of Los Cabos two decades ago. After several trips to our destination, they fulfilled their dream to live here, ten years ago. Her philanthropic work is not recent at all. She has made donations to diverse causes all her life. Once retired in Los Cabos, she is now able to support not only economically but now dedicates her time and effort, especially to activities for the young and students.


Dr Laura Baez is one of the most respectable GYN OB doctors in Los Cabos. She is a tireless health care education promoter for women, children and young people. She believes that if people receive the right information, they will be able to make better decisions over their general and sexual health. She is one of the local pioneers of the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), a practice that is making women's life better and easier for the menopause and osteoporosis treatment.


Guadalupe Barocio, best known as Lupita, is a cherished concierge in our destination. Los Cabos is worldwide recognized for its excellent guest service, and she excels any expectation. She has wide experience and she is a member of Les Clefs d'Or, an international association that gathers and honors concierges all over the world that fulfill high quality standards in the hospitality field. Lupita has become a prestigious ambassador of the hotel she works for and of Los Cabos as well. She is appreciated by the tourism industry, restaurant owners and tour operators of the region.


The fierce world of the Real Estate has a woman who makes the difference: Connie Bezeredi. She perfectly represents ethics, professionalism and team spirit in a field where friendship and collaboration normally do not exist. She is considered as a role model based on her good practices and the support to new generations of real estate agents. Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, she remembered her first arrival to Los Cabos, "it was my trip to Baja that made me realize this was where I was destined to be."


Joann has been an essential piece for the cultural development of Los Cabos, raising new talents. Young people who attend her classes find wings to explore arts with natural and limitless imagination. People who know Joann can talk about her generous and lively spirit, with a huge ability to express situations in unexpected ways. She always takes her artistic expression to the maximum level. Everything she does has to be huge.


Without a doubt, Marisa Comella has become in the face and hearth of Los Cabos Children's Foundation. Since she took the Executive Managing position, she has had the mission of helping as many children possible in Baja California Sur to make their lives better through health services. Even though LCCF’s excellent performance is the result of a team work, Marisa is recognized for her outstanding way to strengthen bonds across team building and collaboration between areas.


Catering in Los Cabos has the name of a woman: Tracy Dunlop. Owner of Lazy Gourmet, she has a striking experience exploring kitchens around the world, in Europe, Australia, The Americas and the far eastern for the past two decades. Tracy's distinctive culinary style—creative, eclectic cuisine rich with locally sourced, organic ingredients. She has participated in public and private events attended by international stars such as Brad Pitt and Peter O´Toole.


Amparo is the true example of a multitask woman. Wife, mother of four little kids, business woman, media personality and local influencer. She has an undeniable talent to communicate that has turned her into the official voice for several brands and events all over the country. She is also a strong voice that shows the Cabo lifestyle and a role model of the contemporary young woman.


Nowadays it is hard to think about tourism in Los Cabos without mentioning Paloma Palacios. In a business mostly led by men, Paloma has done her own way and she is now the Executive President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association. This job position is not a coincidence at all, it is the result of 16 years of hard work. She is the person with the highest knowledge over the Hotel Association and doubtlessly the most dedicated one when taking charge of issues regarding hospitality industry and local community.


Native of Estonia, Ragne is a multilingual world citizen. She has over 15 years of career path on sales leadership, development and installment of business plans in countries such as Germany, Italy, Russia and Mexico. This experienced businesswoman is founder and General Manager for Koral Desk, the first coworking place in Los Cabos where all kind of entrepreneurs and business people get together in an ideal environment to make their projects happen.

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