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Ragne Sinikas, by Mariela Tapiz.

Actualizado: 14 de mar de 2019

Ragne Sinikas

“Never stop learning”

by Mariela Tapiz

I truly believe that women my age is living such a difficult but rewarding stage of life named (in my own words) “women empowerment” which represents how capable we are to rule the world.

It’s natural to me to think about those role models that somehow have influenced my life so far. Then I find the perfect moment to introduce to you a smart, beautiful and hardworking woman who I’m lucky to collaborate with. Her name is Ragne Sinikas.

Trying to emphasize my thoughts about her, I can focus these lines to a woman that leads by example and who I will never thank enough about how enjoyable my journey at work is because of her knowledge being shared. Team management, coaching, customer service and networking development are just a few concepts that Ragne is experienced about. Her most recent project is Koral Desk, the best co-working space you can find in Los Cabos to solve any of your networking needs.

“Never stop learning” is one of the most powerful advices I’ve got from her and I’m happy to share it with you. Trust me, she is right.

Finally, I would like to mention a powerful quote that I personally take as a daily thought and that I’m sure Ragne agrees.

“Be confident about showing the world how passionate you are about what you do. Then achievements will come as a consequence”.


Mariela Tapiz

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Mariela Tapiz


Public Relations and Marketing Director.


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