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Let’s make history for the Baja Sur

By Adrian Peña

When I first met Montserrat Aldana, aka Montse, and we talked for the first time she told me off record about a very personal project, a professional dream she had been working on for several years now. It was about a film project. A feature film she had written, and she knew it was time for this story to be told. I remember that moment clearly. I had recently moved to Los Cabos and to be honest I thought her idea was sort of insane. Basically because "we are not in Mexico City" and the film industry is very complicated as it is. But somehow, I was interested in listening to her and wishing her the best for her project.

Some months ago, Montse and I ran into each other and she told me about her project again. She was so proud about “Ashes” (that was the first name of the project) that I was not only interested in listening to her, but in giving her some advice for its development, I think I gave her either some contacts and of course good vibes and best wishes. Montse and I had the opportunity to build a beautiful friendship because of some common friends, so it was kind of a natural process to get me involved selflessly in the project. But she later asked me to join the Executive Production team. (Ok. Here it is where I thank my partners Montserrat Aldana, Arcelia Quintero, Lupita Lizama and Molly Magdaleno)

Well, my answer was fast. I said yes, of course.

Believe me, I have currently enough professional projects but La Ruta de Perla (the official new name) is in fact giving me the chance to make history.

Allow me to explain.

First, the whole crew is integrated by local people, residents of Los Cabos. Not all born here but we all love this beautiful land, we are super talented people and very proud to show the world our beloved home. This takes me to the next point. Second, the story develops on a road trip throughout Baja California Sur, from Guerrero Negro to the Land's End Arch in Cabo San Lucas. So, this way we have the chance to showcase the most magnificent and exciting places over La Baja Sur. It will be an indirect exposure for some of our tourist destinations (Loreto, La Paz, Todos Santos, Los Cabos).

The third and last point it is the most personal and I will need a couple of paragraphs to explain. I was born in Mexico City and I always lived around the metro area. I´ve had full-access to any kind of facilities (to say the least). I lived in the country's capital city. Period.

When I moved to Los Cabos, I accepted the challenges (the lacks) of not living in the city but on the other hand I knew I was getting so many blessings (so many) by not living in the big city. I do not intent to get involved in a political argument but after the 2017 19/09 earthquake that had severe consequences in Mexico City, I realized how the centralization affects an entire country. At the same time, we were still facing the impact of Tropical Storm Lidia in Los Cabos and suddenly all the help that was being gathered in other cities around country for us, had to be sent to Mexico City. Because it is the country’s capital, and everything is there.

That was the moment in which the phrase "because we are not in Mexico City" had a completely different meaning to me. And now, with La Ruta de Perla I will be able to prove that big projects can be raised outside the capital. We can embrace this film project and make it happen the same way we, all the local community, help each other during and after a tropical storm.

How can you help this project?

Basically, helping us promoting it to get as much people as possible. Follow us on La Ruta de Perla social networks and share them with your family and friends. Get in touch with our latest news where we let you know about raffles and special events you could be part of and that way you will be supporting the project.

If you are a media representative help us spread the word in your magazine, newspaper or show. Join us on the presentation press conference that will take place on Friday May 3rdin Los Cabos. For further information please email us /

And if you are a businessman and want to support this project, please get in touch: / We would love to hear more from you.

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About La Ruta de Perla.

Jose Maria undertakes on a trip thru Baja California Sur to deliver a beloved friend's ashes. Since his arrival, to Guerrero Negro, he faces his past and during the journey to Los Cabos he will live some adventures that will change his life forever.

Original screenplay by Montserrat Aldana, who is also co-Directing the film with Salvador Alvarado Laveaga, Poet and filmmaker from Sinaloa, Mexico and a resident of Los Cabos.

The first confirmed members of the cast are Said Sandoval (Club de Cuervos), Florencia Rios (La Guzmán and Luis Miguel: La serie), Markin Lopez (Club de Cuervos, El señor de los cielos and Los Miserables) and Andy Chavez de Moor (Enemigo Íntimo and Mujeres rompiendo el silencio).

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