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Joann Cappon, by Claudia Velo.

Actualizado: 14 de mar de 2019

Joann Cappon

Much more than an artist

by Claudia Velo

To speak of Joann Cappon is to speak of a multifaceted woman. Artist, teacher, wife, mother, friend. A complex woman with endless nuances in everything she does. She is an energetic and generous spirit, with an incredible ability to express herself in unexpected ways. If there is one thing that defines Joann is that everything she does, she does to the fullest and, following her love for large formats, she goes big or not at all. Whether she is tackling the creation of a monumental scenography or putting together an art installation and choreography never before seen in Los Cabos, for the inauguration of her art exhibit. Joann always takes her artistic expression to the highest level and with it she allows us to discover the beauty that she carries within.

When Joann talks about her work; modesty seizes her and she finds it hard to express herself, the best course of action at such times is to let her tell you the story of how she fell in love with art. When she shares with you how she grew up close to a woman who enjoyed art and painted miniatures; it is a delight to accompany her in her tale of the visits to the house of that mentor and artist; and how her romance with art began enveloped by the smell of flaxseed oil and turpentine. In her musings Joann shares that her hours in the art studio were the foundation to become the person she is today. Because the Joan of today is a woman in love with art in all its forms.

I could tell you about her career and her training, all very impressive, but I rather tell you about her passion and generosity. Joann is an incredibly generous woman, who always finds time to teach children and teenagers to see the world from a different perspective that allows them to capture the beauty of the ordinary. Her teachings open the eyes of her students to the subtleties of form and color; and guides them into new ways to express themselves that, not only allow them to discover their talent, but their love for creative expressions. Thanks to the hours that many high school students have had the fortune to share with Joann; I've heard more than one teenager refer to the tones of the Sea of Cortez, or the colors of a sunset, using complex color-related metaphors. I have also witnessed how, many of them, have followed paths related to artistic activities; that they would never have dared to explore, had it not been for Joann's influence and the confidence that her lessons have given them.

Joann is like a breath of fresh air in the apparently deserted cultural landscape of Los Cabos. We cannot talk about the cultural evolution of Los Cabos without mentioning the influence that Joann has had in the formation of so many talents. Many students have gone through her classes and, thanks to them, they found wings and encouragement to explore dance, music, painting, poetry and more. Thanks to her familiarity with art, Joann has shown her pupils a unique way to appreciate the ordinary world from a higher, more sensible perspective. Her ability to express the ordinary in unexpected ways also allows Joann to capture the landscapes of her imagination on the canvas in an extraordinary way. Once the work of art is finished, her drive prompts her to present art exhibits that move our senses, bringing coherence to the intense creative process. Every time Joann exhibits, her works allow us to rediscover the sensitivity that, at times, we forget we have.

A complex woman, an artist for whom the act of creating is necessary and inescapable and, at the same time, represents an almost terrifying challenge. All artists talk about that fear of facing the blank canvas, but when Joann finds the inspiration and energy, which leads her to face that terrible blank space, she always manages to turn the empty monster into a wonderful story; and her generous spirit manages to always present those of us, who are fortunate enough to admire her work, with a breathtakingly beautiful gift.

Beyond her talent, Joann is a dear friend, a loving wife and mother, a complete woman who transforms everything and everyone she touches into a more beautiful version of themselves.

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Claudia Velo

Marketing specialist, writer, translator, radio host and business consultant.

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