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Onagh Ash, by Linda McHatton.

Actualizado: 14 de mar de 2019

Onagh Ash

Helping children of BCS accomplish their dreams

by Linda McHatton

Onagh Ash was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and grew up an army brat living all over Canada wherever there was an army base.

She moved with her parents to Southern California at the age of 16 and graduated from high school there. She attended Ventura Junior College. At the age of 17 she dropped out of college to join Pacific Telephone as a software programmer. This was 1962, the computer industry was just really in its prime and math majors were in demand.

Onagh is the eldest of two children. Her parents and sister are deceased. She has been married to Bill Ash for 43 years and has 3 children and 4 stepsons.

Onagh and her husband Bill decided to visit Mexico about 20 years ago taking their entire family on an inaugural cruise to Los Cabos (Mexican Riviera). She and her family fell in love with the area and promised they would return someday to spend more time. Three years later they came back and fell in love with the Fiesta Americana property and purchased a time share. They spent at least 6 years of wonderful family vacations there then decided to venture out and purchase land where they could enjoy golfing, fishing and the beautiful weather.

They discovered Puerto Los Cabos over 10 years ago and become a big part of the Los Cabos community immediately becoming involved with the youth of the community. They fell in love with the people of BCS. When Onagh worked in Silicon Valley she had no time to participate in the programs for youth, so she donated money and participated on boards.

“...My dream is to help children accomplish their dreams. I have had this belief and vision for many years with my family and friends all over the world…” “...I believe that children can accomplish anything they want by having an education and mentors...”

Once retired in Mexico Onagh was able to become much more involved in helping with programs and adapting to the culture of this wonderful country.

“...The youth of BCS are smart, happy amazing young people that just need some mentoring and leadership to accomplish their dreams. We started our first charity work with Casa Hogar several years ago and we are now donating time and money to the new Community Youth Center as well as our favorite youth focused charities”.

“…It is so rewarding to know we are helping make a difference….”

The Ash Family Foundation (Bill and Onagh Ash) support the following projects in BCS with donations to fund various programs.

Los Cabos Rotary Foundation

GJC (Gente Joven por un cambio) youth ages 8 to 17 (Founder and President)

GSP (Green Scholarship Programs) ages 18 to 24 (Board Member)

ICF (International Community Foundation)

LCCF (Los Cabos Children's Foundation)

Onagh Ash has been an inspiration in so many ways. She is extremely caring, honest, loyal, and generous. She is constantly looking for ways to help others and always willing to learn new customs to become part of the community. No matter how challenging it may have seemed at time, she has never given up. Her number one goal is solely to benefit others. She is an inspiration to us all and Los Cabos is extremely blessed to have a person like her as part of our community. Thank you!

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Linda McHatton

Founder of PR Solutions & Culinary Awards Los Cabos as well as a member of the Rotary Foundation and Past President of the Los Cabos Rotary Club.

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