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Connie Bezeredi, by Dana Leuenberger.

Connie Bezeredi

How the ethics in Real Estate should be

by Dana Leuenberger

The first impression lasts a lifetime, like they say it doesn’t matter what you said or what you did, is how you made someone feel.

When I had just moved to Cabo in 2009, I was trying to learn and understand the difference in how the Real Estate market in Cabo was. For me it was so different from what had experienced since I started my career in 1994 on Northern Baja.

That year was when the Real Estate market crashed, and sales were not moving that much. I had very few tours and I tried to get as much floor time as I could. I offered to cover at the office the shifts no one almost wanted, to try to get more business.

I had to learn the terminology of real Estate language in English. Found out we had two seasons, the high season where you tried to make as many sales as possible and the low season that you try to endure. I showed up to work no matter what, every day little by little I started to build up my business and make a name for myself.

Sometimes I would get very frustrated and asked myself if I should do something else. One day I got a walk-in clients at the office. They wanted to see condos in the $450K range. I made many phone calls and one of them was to Connie. She was very pleasant on the phone, I ask her if I could show one of her listings the next day and we set up a time for the tour.

I had some bad experiences before when I was showing someone else’s listings, so I was a bit nervous of what I was going to encounter this time when I walked in with my clients.

I remember when we arrived at Loma Linda in San Jose, Connie greeted us at the gate. We followed her to the pool and the common area where she showed us around. She was very nicely dressed and her hair looked amazing. I remember the detail she took in describing the landscape and the view, she was very knowledgeable about the area.

She took us up to the condo. When we walked in, I could tell that she had looked after every single detail. The windows were open, so we got a nice breeze. All the lights were on and the property was in pristine condition. That is the first time I heard the term “turn key” and I made a note about that to use it in my future showings. On the table she had printed some sheets with only the listing information, I went to take a look at them thinking from past experiences that her name would be on the sheets and to my surprise they had no information from her. I thought to myself it was a very classy of her that she never approached my clients or tried to get information from them. She had beautiful manners and made us feel relaxed. When she finish giving us the description of the condo she said, I will be right here if you have any questions please let me know. She took a book to read and sat down on the sofa. My clients and I walked through the condo, we were able to talk comfortably on their thoughts on the property and the price, we never felt rushed or pushed.

As we said thank you for her time in showing us her listing, she said if you need any information Dana can contact me.

I left there feeling like a million bucks, that I had just encountered a real professional, that knew what she was doing and she gave me my place in every moment in front of my clients. This really made a mark in me and got me thinking and how things should be done the right way when an agent brings their clients to your listing.

After that great showing with her, when I saw that she had an open house I always made the effort to go and say hi. I have a lot of respect for Connie on how she does business, because she respects you and respects that the people with you are your clients. She is a very hard worker and makes sure to have all her files complete, she looks for the good of all.

Now, when I am in a classroom teaching new agents on how the ethics in Real Estate should be, I always mention this and put her as an example. I encourage them to keep an eye on her listings because they will have a great experience working with her as I did.

When I meet new agents that ask me for a private showing I always want them to feel like Connie made me feel the day I met her ten years ago. I prepare my listing so it shows well, ask them if they want me to give them the highlights and I sit somewhere to give them privacy. It works like a charm, thank you Connie for being so kind to me when I was going through a hard time and for making a difference in my life.

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Dana Leuenberger

Los Cabos Home & Life, CEO and Founder

KW Cabo Paradise, Real Estate Associate

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