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Welcome to Behind Cabo

Actualizado: 2 de mar de 2019

Behind Cabo is not only a blog, it is a tribute to my home, to our beloved Los Cabos. With this very personal project I am celebrating my third year living in paradise. It is a space where we will be sharing along with guest writers the stories behind our destination, best kept secret places, events, the people who make Los Cabos great and our unique lifestyle. A very special thanks to my good friend Guillermo Bonilla for letting me use the name Behind Cabo. He could not do it better.

Along this first month, and in relation to the International Women's Day (March 8th), we invited eleven dazzling women who recognize the work and contribution of other eleven outstanding women in business, culinary world, health care, real estate, media, arts and social work. There are thousands of women that make the difference in their professional and personal fields every day; however, with admiration we present our very first special article The Women of Los Cabos, edition 2019. We hope this article becomes a tradition in Behind Cabo.

Great collaborations are coming, and you will be able to read them monthly. Lovely P. Fisher will tell us her funny and amazing memories and will take you on a past-days trip in Once Upon a Time in Cabo. In Cabo Eats, foodie queen Claudia Velo is going to show the world the top of the culinary scene in our destination. Many other contributions will spread the word and show what makes Los Cabos great. Can’t wait!

On behalf of everybody who make this happen… Welcome to Behind Cabo!

Adrian Peña

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